Finish what President Donald Trump started

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Listen to "I'm a Republican" and follow along with the words

I'm a Republican

I'm a Republican, but I want to make things that work with the Progessives.
I'm a Republican, but I'm willing to work with the Progressives.

If we go to the planet Venus to terraform it.
Then we'll understand how to take care of carbon dioxide.

I'm a Republican who's determined to work with the Progressives.
I'm a Republican that's here to save the world when time comes.

I'm a Republican don't forget it.
I'm off to save the world.
If a near Earth object collides with the planet Earth we need a life raft to depend on.

I'm a Republican, the only one that's real.
I honestly believe in limited government.
I choose safety below freedom, the opposite of the proponents of fear.

I'm the only Republican who gets near to the Founding Fathers.
I, I am a Republican just like Lincoln, Abraham.

A Republican yes I am a Republican.
I can hear what needs to be done, which wars to be won.
I'm a Republican I want to survive and flourish a Republican.

I'll work with Progressives to take care of carbon dioxide.
Even though I don't see it as a threat I won't have any regrets.
Using the same science terraforming Venus will solve carbon dioxide at the same time.

It's two objectives that both parties can agree on.
But I'm still a Republican, allegedly I am.

I'll do everything to take the country the way the Founding Fathers believed.
It's a masterpiece in history, where all men are created equal.
That is the most important, I am a Republican.

No mob rule, it's not a true democracy, we have the rights of the minority.
I'm a Republican.
Don't you see they'll attack me, fake news just like Trump gets.
I'm a Republican.

I know it won't be easy, I know everything that's coming.
I know, I know that I'm a Republican.

Hearings to destroy these visions, try to change what I am.
I'm a Republican in every way I can.

Just like Abraham Lincoln I'm a Republican.
In every way that sets you free.
From government tyranny I'm a Republican.

The world is here, not to fear, the end is not near.
We have a million or more years to get it right.
I'm a Republican, a Republican.

The best that I can be what I am.
Show me another direction and I'll listen.
I'm a Republican, I'll do the best that I can.
Work with Progressives to goal, a final common goal.

I'm a Republican, a Republican yes I am.