Temporary Information for Precinct 14

From the Second Vice Chair: Donald, when you make those calls just talk about coming to the Precinct Mass Meeting on March 20. When they are seated the precinct caucuses will elect a captain. Let them know that FCRP is an active watchdog over legislation, voter integrity, saving our liberties and freedom. Invite them to the March breakfast. You get them in, we will take it from there.
Note doors close at 10AM for the March 20 meeting.
Local Website for Fayette County Republicans

Finish what President Donald Trump started

Candidate ID: P40003824

Listen to "I'm a Republican" and follow along with the words

I'm a Republican

I'm a Republican, but I want to make things that work with the Progessives.
I'm a Republican, but I'm willing to work with the Progressives.

If we go to the planet Venus to terraform it.
Then we'll understand how to take care of carbon dioxide.

I'm a Republican who's determined to work with the Progressives.
I'm a Republican that's here to save the world when time comes.

I'm a Republican don't forget it.
I'm off to save the world.
If a near Earth object collides with the planet Earth we need a life raft to depend on.

I'm a Republican, the only one that's real.
I honestly believe in limited government.
I choose safety below freedom, the opposite of the proponents of fear.

I'm the only Republican who gets near to the Founding Fathers.
I, I am a Republican just like Lincoln, Abraham.

A Republican yes I am a Republican.
I can hear what needs to be done, which wars to be won.
I'm a Republican I want to survive and flourish a Republican.

I'll work with Progressives to take care of carbon dioxide.
Even though I don't see it as a threat I won't have any regrets.
Using the same science terraforming Venus will solve carbon dioxide at the same time.

It's two objectives that both parties can agree on.
But I'm still a Republican, allegedly I am.

I'll do everything to take the country the way the Founding Fathers believed.
It's a masterpiece in history, where all men are created equal.
That is the most important, I am a Republican.

No mob rule, it's not a true democracy, we have the rights of the minority.
I'm a Republican.
Don't you see they'll attack me, fake news just like Trump gets.
I'm a Republican.

I know it won't be easy, I know everything that's coming.
I know, I know that I'm a Republican.

Hearings to destroy these visions, try to change what I am.
I'm a Republican in every way I can.

Just like Abraham Lincoln I'm a Republican.
In every way that sets you free.
From government tyranny I'm a Republican.

The world is here, not to fear, the end is not near.
We have a million or more years to get it right.
I'm a Republican, a Republican.

The best that I can be what I am.
Show me another direction and I'll listen.
I'm a Republican, I'll do the best that I can.
Work with Progressives to goal, a final common goal.

I'm a Republican, a Republican yes I am.